Monday, 27 May 2013


Before this semester, the only thing I knew about painting with oils is what I had learned by watching Bob Ross on television. I had never touched or smelled or seen the soft pigment in my whole life!

After lots of practice on numerous small portraits for the first half of the semester, we carried out on a long pose which lasted for four weeks. That's twelve hours in total (4 x 3 hours) working directly from the life model. We were free to choose our own art materials and I brought a rabbit-skin glue (!!!) coated canvas (58 x 48 cm). This choice could not be better because I really enjoyed the first session. Initially, I went to wet the canvas under the tap and then I used acrylic Payne's grey and white to create a tonal under painting. The brush was bouncing on it (!!!) and it made a beautiful noise (!!!). The last three sessions I used oils... We were working in the classroom and I thought that the wall was boring so I imagined this background. If I had more time I would add more detail to the ivy.

 I had a great time doing this, partly because of my teachers funny comments and the help I had from her the whole way. In the beginning I was a bit stuck with the ear and she shouted to me from the other end of the classroom "do not touch that ear!" and I said "but it's to big :(" and she came to me and just said... "this whole 'head' is out of this world!" (very polite). She named a number of 'quirky' artists to look at and I said that I hated all of them and that I wanted to paint like Donato Giancola and she just laughed and said well go ahead then! :D I'm going to miss you Clare Rose.

Overall, I made Grant look like a skeptical soldier. Didn't I?  

Monday, 20 May 2013

Jupiter and Antiope

Intaglio Printing

Jupiter and Antiope after Rembrandt van Rijn. Etching with aquatint, 21 x 14,7 cm

Harp, Moon and Tree

Relief and Screen Printing

I used a wood block for the harp (this was very difficult to cut into) and two lino blocks for the moon and tree...


After class I started thumbing around with acrylic paint. I don't usually enjoy playing with acrylics, because they remind me of primary school but that time it was suddenly fun again!

After scanning my tree print and this I used PS to turn them into a full tree with a colourful background.

And for the final stage... screen printing!

Finally folded these in to little books...