Sunday, 27 May 2018


Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos - Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Αγίου Νικολάου

«Museum visitors can follow the historical development of art in the region from the Neolithic to the end of the Greco-Roman period. The largest and most important groups of exhibits are the grave goods from the Early Minoan cemetery of Agia Fotia near Sitia (3000 - 2300 BC) and the finds from the palace of Malia.»

«Ο επισκέπτης μπορεί να παρακολουθήσει τη διαχρονική εξέλιξη της τέχνης στην περιοχή από τη νεολιθική εποχή έως τα τέλη της ελληνορωμαϊκής περιόδου. Μεγαλύτερα και σπουδαιότερα σύνολα αποτελούν τα κτερίσματα από το πρωτομινωικό νεκροταφείο της Αγίας Φωτιάς κοντά στη Σητεία (3000 - 2300 π. Χ.) και τα ευρύματα από το ανάκτορο των Μαλίων.»

 Unfortunately, the museum was closed due to transfer to a different part of the building (which has been going on since November when I last tried to visit) and they only had some photo display boards but I still made some sketches of my favourite artifacts from those photos. However, I would love to see them live! Also, I was expecting that they might have a section dedicated to ancient ships and marine machinery development since Nearchus was originally from Lato and Agios Nikolaos still remains an important sailing point till today, but I guess I'll just have to do my own research. 
Coming up next is a visit to the ancient city of Lato!!

 Παραπάνω έχω σκίτσα από τα αγαπημένα μου αντικείμενα από φωτογραφίες που υπήρχαν σε μία αίθουσα του αρχαιολογικού που ήταν κι η μόνη ανοιχτή προς το κοινό. Τελευταία φορά που προσπάθησα να δω τα αρχαιολογικά ευρήματα ήταν το Νοέμβριο και αυτή τη φορά αρκέστηκα με τις φωτογραφίες. Ο λόγος που δεν τα ανοίγουν ακόμα προς το κοινό είναι γιατί έχουν μεταφερθεί σε ένα νέο χώρο που κανείς δεν ξέρει ακόμα πότε θα' ναι έτοιμος να δεχτεί επισκέπτες. Όπως και νά' χει, από την πολύ ωραία μπροσούρα "ΜΝΗΜΕΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΜΟΥΣΕΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ" που έχω παραθέσει πιο πάνω καταλαβαίνουμε ότι δεν υπάρχει κάτι αφιερωμένο στο Νέαρχο και τη ναυτική εκστρατεία στη Μικρά Ασία που ξεκίνησε από τη Λατώ. Που είναι κρίμα γιατί τώρα θα πρέπει να ψάξω μόνη μου το πως έμοιαζε μια τριήρης την εποχή αυτή για να φανταστώ πως θα φαινόταν οπτικά απ' τη Λατώ και να τη ζωγραφίσω όπως είχα εμπνευστεί την πρώτη φορά που την επισκέφτηκα.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Celebrating 5 Years of Blogger!! :oO0o

 20 - 05 - 2013 is the date of the first official post on here and I can't believe it's been 5 years already!! This made me think of my accomplishments so far...
 ... I couldn't find any...!!! :P
 But I' ve learned one lesson: if you are faithful to your drawing and dedicate a good amount of time to it (every - single - day) then you can be amazed by your own drawing skills and how naturally they can come out of you. When you stop... for one month let's say, then you lose it and you have to start all over again. Just like a plant, it can never turn into a tree if you don't nourish and water it.

 And I've made it my first priority to be fully dedicated to drawing and updating this little blog with how I'm getting on...

  So, to sum up what I'm working on these days:

1) I'm open for 

 Here is a drawing of my sisters dwarf rabbit, Bueno, as an example. I use watercolours and ink and charge 5 euros for each A5 PET PORTRAIT without postal charges. If you would like one E-MAIL me for details.

2) Attempt to understand the differences between a peacock and a crane. I think I'll believe that the cranes height is the width of an indian peacock only when I see them standing next to each other for real! 

 Anyway, they are still the characters of my next comic strip which I'm hoping to publish somewhere in the near future (here is a little video presentation about comics that I loved!).

3) I need to visit the Archaeological museum of Agios Nikolaos and the ruins of Lato for some studies to share with you here.

4) The AOI London Story competition is coming up and I want to participate. I recently dreamed that I was painting a Homeric map on the wall of a young boys bedroom, which I believe is associated with it in some way. Please leave a comment if you have any idea of what I could draw for it because I'm clueless!! 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Κοράλλια for Mother's Day

May 13th, 2018

In Greece, and other countries like Italy, Iceland and India... Mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. For many years I've been snobby about this celebration but this time it was different. I even sent a picture of this drawing along with a bunch of flowers to my mom, who had no idea why I did it because she was in the UK at the time where Mother's Day is normally celebrated on the 4th Sunday of lent. She saw this picture a few hours after her own mom had died and I believe it is the best thing I've done for her after a very long time. 

Δώρο για τη μαμά μου που έφτιαχνα λίγες ώρες πριν χάσουμε τη μαμά της.  

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Artist's Bio

 Foteini Gelasaki was born in Crete and is a self-taught illustrator and painter.

 Η Φωτεινή Γελασάκη γεννήθηκε στην Κρήτη, είναι αυτοδίδακτη εικονογράφος και ζωγράφος.