Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Katharo Plateau - Οροπέδιο Καθαρό

Sunset over Psira islet

Clouds as I remember seeing them on the way back

  The paintings above are my last impressions of the day but from now on I'll describe everything from the beginning...
 The drive started around midday and I was joyfully drinking my freddo cappuccino while strolling around the amazing scenery...

 Then we stopped at the coffee shop of Noola and Iannis Sighanos to meet with our friends. One can recognize their place by the daisies and grape vines at the entrance and the educational posters hanging on the walls of their building.

Hippo made by Sofia Ntovoli
 This is about wild flowers but there was also one about the fossils of hippos that were found in the area by Iannis. I had no idea that hippos existed in Crete until I met him! ...Then, Angelos Spartalis who was guest-cook of the day served us a delicious meal of snails with chips. 
 You can watch how he makes khokhli mboombooristi on his YouTube channel.

 The rest was all drinking, singing, dancing and guitar playing by Iannis and Angelos. It was a wonderful company of about ten people and I really had a great time.

Finally, some photos from our way back... :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Το κηποχώραφο - the Garden - Olive Field!

Φεβρουάριος - February

Μάρτιος - March

May - Μάιος

Ιούνιος - June

I wish all olive fields would look like this one!!
Our last days in this house...
I will miss the view!!